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Labour shortage is a big challenge for employers. Labour Inc aims to meet the needs of New Zealand employers.

Our team is dedicated to recruiting qualified employees from the Philippines. Migrant workers from the Philippines are increasingly important to a number of New Zealand employers seeking to fill labour and skill shortages.

Labour Inc delivers a value-added approach to our clients by streamlining the recruitment process. Our trusted partners are leaders in their respective fields which allows us to find pragmatic solutions. Our robust recruitment process will ensure that your business will have the right candidate at the right time.

We pride ourselves in delivering a high level of service that is cost effective. We want to match the right worker for the right employer.

“Meeting the needs of New Zealand”




Bradley So

Bradley is the founder of Labour Inc. He established Labour Inc in hopes of helping New Zealand employers fill their skill gap. Bradley is also an Immigration Lawyer by trade. He specialises in business migration and foreign investments. He has represented a number of significant employers and ultra-high net worth individuals.
Bradley’s goal is to mitigate the risks associated with hiring from overseas. He prides himself on delivering a high level of service that is cost effective. His excellent communication and listening skills are some of the many strengths that enable him to provide a pragmatic solution in difficult situations.

Candace Yang

Candace has obtained a Master of Science Honours Degree in Health Psychology from the University of Auckland. She has also honed her professional skills for more than a decade.
She has done training in sales in the recruitment industry and has successfully managed teams of employment consultants.
She was responsible for developing work models with a client centred approach. Her team’s main philosophy was ensuring the suitability of employees and employers.

Chandra Randall

Chandra is a strong people person. With a Degree in Marketing, she​’s​ held numerous administrative, marketing and management roles​, the​ ​l​ast of which saw her as a National Performance manager.
Chandra also has “Big Brand”​​ experience ​having​ worked​ with Mercury Energy, Siemens, Vector and, Wells Instrument and Electrical. She is no stranger to the corporate world.
​Her unique skill set will help you place the right person in the right place. Her experience with gap analysis ensures that no holes are left uncovered.

Jessie Wang So

Account Manager
Jessie successfully completed her Bachelor’s Degree at Auckland University of Technology. She has worked for a significant retail company. Her role focused on managing sales, customer accounts and company inventory.
Jessie is committed to providing the best professional service. She has a client-centric approach when dealing with customers. Her attention to detail is second to none. She is quality focused and is a perfectionist when it comes to numbers.

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